Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: A Breast-Fest, Batman and Befuddlement

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chris-littlechild - August 11, 2012

As grandpa always told us, ‘News is infinitely more palatable when it hasBOOBS ON.' (The old bastard's ogling penchant inspired some spectacular nightmares when we came across -wonderfully raunch-tastic pun intended- one of his copies of Promiscuous and Busty Octogenarians Monthly. To paraphrase Quasimodo, The sagginess! The sagginess! Ancient orbs trailing, gravity-beset, across the floor in gastropod fashion is quite dramatically un-sexy.) Fortuitously, then, the accumulation of this week's nerdy news has adopted a most gratifying erotic bent.

Above, heed the wholesome tale of developer Kenichiro Takaki, known by the wonderful moniker ‘the Huge Boob producer' for his buxom gaming proclivities; as he demands interactive hologram boobage in the future of video gaming. Elsewhere in the gallery, we admire some x-rated shenanigans at a Japanese comic show and metamorphose a rich bastard's home into a Batcave.

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