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bill-swift - July 12, 2016


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While still bringing to you all the sextastic celebrities I dare to bare on Egotastic, I'm branching out as well into my other areas of interest. I mean, a man can only focus his energies on hot women for 99% of his day. That other one-percent needs to be filled with such life niceties as video games, beer, and sports. Also, call your mom on Sundays to tell her she's the best. She did spend ten hours pushing your giant melon through her lady nest and that's worth a few grateful grunts.

What had me jacked today about life outside of my obsession with ladies is the veritable sweet ripe and rich video game releases still to come in the second half of 2016. You know how I feel about back halves on alluring women, well 2016 holds the same tantalizing offering in terms of new release and version game drops. Check out four of my favorite in this stunningly awesome yet entirely amateurish video of my buy list for the next several months. One of your must-have's in there or what is your top next release? Enjoy.

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