‘Game On’ Will Make You Feel Old As Hell, But It’s Cool

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chris-littlechild - March 10, 2016

  Museums? Sure, why the hell not? You don’t have to be a nerdly professor in a fancy-ass coat with elbow patches to have an ogle at a lil’ culture. It usually helps, sure, but this kind of thing is acceptable in the right circumstances. When you’re trying to impress your new lady lust with your sophistication and all that BS, for instance. 

But that’s the thing about museums. It’s not all sculptures of dudes with their wangs out and all that classical stuff. There are beer museums, sex museums, bacon museums (well, not so much, I was damn disappointed by the results of my google search for ‘bacon museum’)… there’s something for everyone, right here.

Another way to get us studly Ego-guys involved? A video game museum. The Game On exhibition has travelled this here planet of ours, and has landed in Japan for the time being. It’s definitely something you’ll want to see. So here’s the deal.

Game On chronicles the history of video games, from the bleepy-bloopy beginnings to the present day. Over 120 titles are playable at the show, covering everything from the primitive-ass dawn of ‘computer entertainment,’ to arcade cabinets, to floppy disks and chunky game carts, all the way up to the spangly likes of PlayStation VR. It’s like an interactive history class that doesn’t suck.

Here’s a couple more shots, fresh from Kotaku. Hit the link for the rest.

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