Nicolas “Cage Of Thrones”

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michael-garcia - May 16, 2016

I, like millions of other folks, am a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones. Both the fantastic HBO series as well as the lengthy tomes of the Song of Ice And Fire books. I devour all the little tidbits of info about the gang in Westeros. I even stay up late reading wikis so that I understand all the minutia I can. I mean, I'm not a freak that dresses up like a chunky Jaime Lannister and parade down the streets in New York in golden armor or anything, but I'm a fan. I've always thought that one of the TV show's strongest qualities is how great they are at casting. Rarely have they misstepped. I have pretty much agreed with all casting choices as perfect. Can you imagine anyone other than Peter Dinklage as Tyrion? No. Still there are people who question whether or not someone else would be better in a particular role. Or all of them for that matter. Like say, Nicolas Cage.

We all know that Nicolas Cage is the greatest terrible actor around. He doesn't so much emote as he acts like a spastic lunatic that chews more scenery than anyone else in Hollywood. A gentleman with Photoshop named Carlosdanger100 created images of the Game of Thrones characters as played by Nic Cage. The result is...disturbing. 

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