Gal Gadot Wonderfully Hot GQ Woman of the Year

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bill-swift - November 15, 2017

Gal Gadot has turned a lot of heads this past year with her Wonder Woman star turn. Those of us who tracked insanely beautiful women around the world full-time, have known of Gal's charms and hot body visuals for some time now, but it's nice she's finally getting the recognition for her hotness talents she so deserves.

It being the end of the year and magazines have invented nothing new for fifty years and counting, it's time for the obligatory naming of Person of the Year Awards. Or for Gal, the GQ Woman of the Year Award. Not that she doesn't deserve anything and everything coming her statuesque alluring way, it's simply that this is a trite award. Not the least bit heartfelt like the Bill Swift Desperately Horny Emotional Tribute Award, upon which I bestow my tears and other bodily fluids upon effigies of all the finalists. Now that's real.

Nevertheless, any chance to see more of Gal posing for the cameras is an opportunity not wasted. Doubtful she'll move to nude photos at this point in her career, but by the grace of Athena, we shall see her bare skinned in the future. Praise the Gods. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News / GQ

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