Gal Gadot Wonder-fully Sexy in Glamour UK

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brian-mcgee - October 26, 2017

I still can't get used to the idea that Gal Gadot's last name rhymes with goat. It doesn't add up for me, and I can't help but mispronounce it every single time I see it. It's a horrible habit—particularly considering that I'm blatantly mispronouncing her name despite knowing the correct pronunciation—but old habits are hard to break.

Gal's getting ready to take the world by storm again in Justice League, a scant five and a half months since she rocketed to stardom as the titular Wonder Woman. It's very, very difficult not to sexualize her when she's so damn hot and really knows which outfits accentuate her body best. I'm doing my best to maintain a level of professional restraint here, but it's very tough. 

Whether I'm mispronouncing her name or just admiring how well put together she is, Gal Gadot is a treat for the eyes and I will enjoy watching her in Justice League, regardless of whether or not I enjoy the movie. It's not gonna be hard to do, as she's something of a calm within the chaotic storm of those movies. 

Photo Credit: Glamour, Mr. Skin