Gaia Weiss Angelic and Cleavetastic at Parisian Fashion Show

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bill-swift - July 6, 2011

One of my annual and forever unfulfilled goals is to attend the Paris Fashion show in July, not just because I believe that it's time for gym shorts and Crocs to be taken seriously as workplace fashion, but because the entire City of Light is chock full of regional hotties pimping the wares of many a floppy-pawed seamster. Case in point, French actress and model, Gaia Weiss, who stole the hearts of many an ogler at the show merely by strutting the sidewalk in a virginal gown of cleavetastic distinction. This sexy up and coming Euro-celeb reminds us that bras are definitely overrated, and amazingly hot women with bare boobs are, by definition, highly underrated. Enjoy.