Gabrielle Union Daisy Dukes at Coachella

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aldo-vallon - April 24, 2018

I know that with Gabriella being in those shorts I should really be focused on her legs, and I swear that that is how I started out, but that naturally led me to her boots. Legs are a gateway drug as my high school health teacher always said. But the point is, her boots have me captivated. They are like the love child of an art major and a punk rocker. And those soles are so thick I think they are a viable alternative for escaping flood waters.

Someone should have taught her the importance of hemming her shorts. A good hem will greatly increase the life of a clothing item. Without it those strands will continue to come undone like a Weezer song, making them shorter and shorter, until there is nothing left. Now, I am not exactly deadest against that end because it does have its benefits, but I also like seeing her wearing them which leads me to being conflicted. If the Daisy Dukes wither away then what will she wear? Cargo pants? Sweat pants? I just can’t have that.






Photo Credit: Backgrid