Funniest Lady In the Entire World Is About to Blow All of Her One Hundred Birthday Wishes (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 9, 2013

The elderly are often our strongest link to a past we find too difficult to comprehend from mere  history lectures and dusty old books. They breathe real life into staid pictures and bland second-hand stories. They majestically flesh-out aspects of ourselves that we may not get to experience. And sometimes they just want some d*ck.

Like this 100 year old lady. We don't know where she's from or even if she's still alive at this moment, but we do know what she wants for her birthday: 100 d*cks. As, the attached video shows, this woman not only has some pretty specific desires, but she's also got a comedy career ahead of her that could easily eclipse those of Bob Saget and Dustin 'Screech' Diamond. Combined.

The meat of the interview goes like this, 'I'ma ask you one more question. What does it mean to you to make it to one hundred?' Her eventual response, 'What does it mean to me to make it to one hundred years old? I can get one hundred d*cks.'

Boom. (H/T to Dlisted.)

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