‘Fruit Ninja’ Is Back, Back Again, In VR

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chris-littlechild - July 20, 2016

  So, VR gaming, huh? Like all big industry innovations, it’s taking a little getting used to. As was the case with touchscreen controls, motion controls and such, we need some time to get on board. To be convinced. At the moment, we still feel a bit like the first hairy-assed caveman who discovered fire; staring bewildered at this new prospect, not quite sure what it’s all about or what the hell’s going on.  

Or maybe I’m just a cynical old bastard. Whichever. Either way, whether this’ll all catch on or whether it’s a momentary expensive fad isn’t clear yet. But I can say that the more dedicated gamers among us will want to see more than fancy tech demos. We want to know that’ll it’ll really enhance gaming.

So, all mountain-climbing sims and IKEA shopping sims aside, how do you silence the skeptics? With… Fruit Ninja VR, apparently.

By now, natch, you’ve surely played Fruit Ninja, one of the biggest titles of recent years. It’s hit just about every device you can name, but it’s never felt as good as it does in VR. Here’s Destructoid with the skinny:

'The simple, classic gameplay you've come to expect is still here, only this time you can look in every direction, and you're holding two long samurai swords in your hands as you chop fruit shooting up from beneath and beside you. It all feels very familiar yet fresh. Now, you can skewer multiple fruits on a sword to save them up to be added to huge combos. You're also able to turn your swords sideways to knock bombs out of the way without causing them to explode, thus allowing for safe slicing.'   

So there it is. The game’s available on Steam Early Access, if you want a slice of it. Again.

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