From Norky Nurse Valentine to Ivy Valentine: The Next Bout of Cleave-y Cosplay

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chris-littlechild - April 3, 2013

Last week, we saw the wonderfully skimpy costume-ery inspired by Skullgirls' Valentine. This is not, needless to say, the kind of thing we can condone. Even slightly. Still, a pretty damn great theme is a pretty damn great theme. As such, today's perky pugilist is Soul Calibur's very own Ivy Valentine.

This is the woman, lest we forget, whose excessive boobitude served as a commercial for the latest release in the series by themselves. Those canny advertising bastards merely added tiny vaguely-related-to-the-actual-video-game-in-question small print to a huge jug-tacular close-up of her chest, and sales quadrupled (no they didn't). We can expect, like the discerning ogling gentlemen that we are, that Ivy-cosplaying ladyfolk will not disappoint on the chesticle-o-meter. We would be right. Franchise stalwart Taki makes a cameo appearance or two as well, because everybody's life needs an extra impromptu bosomy ninja or two.

Cosplayers Kelume and Bellechere lent their talents (and their talents) to the above, as did veteran camera-flailers Eurobeat Kasumi Cosplay and Eurobeat King.