Frinkiac Is The Simpsons Search Engine You Never Knew You Needed

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bill-swift - February 5, 2016

The Simpsons is an American institution. I can't say as I've seen a new episode in a decade but it's comforting knowing that it is still there. When I was in high school and college I would watch a block of The Simpsons every day pretty much. While I never reached the level of knowledge of some people who can quote random lines from obscure episodes, I would say I was fairly fluent in those early-mid seasons. But for the truly hardcore there is now Frinkiac, a search engine that will find a screen grab of EVERY LINE ever said on the show. Whatever it is, no matter how insignificant, it will find the episode and moment with appropriate image. There are over 3 million of these screengrabs that the search engine can look through. The site was created by Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young. While incredible, they really need to get a life.

Still, you will never have to rack your brain to try and remember which episode a particular quote comes from. I tested it out and it definitely works. Now the internet is complete. 

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