Frida Aasen in Lingerie

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Lex Jurgen - February 16, 2016

Every now and then a woman comes along for whom you'd throw your whole life away. Wife under the bus. Kids crying at home without their papa. It's about every eleven minutes. It's nature's way of encouraging you to reproduce with the genetically superior of the race. ISIS may rise on sheer number of Muslim fanatics born to burqa rape and childhood marriage, but good looking people always win in the end because high school is real life. There is no human passion stronger than the desire to fuck a pretty chick with perfect tits. Not Allah, not money, not watching your team in the Super Bowl. It all goes away when Door #2 opens and a Norwegian girl in a pair of panties winks at you like it's your turn to be super fucking lucky. This chick is boots on the ground.

Photo Credit: Love And Lemons

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