Frenchy Morgan Unbelievably Skimpy Starbucks Run

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earl-jonas - November 27, 2017

Well hark the herald angels sing. Christmas is still almost a month away, but already I'm seeing a miraculous vision of purity and light in the form of sexilicious enchantress Frenchy Morgan. In some new pap pics, the busty blonde can be seen practically gliding across a parking lot in her dirty rainbow foam platform wedges. Like in the movies. Frenchy's wig appears as though it was found on a beach, and her clothes look like something Billy Ray Cyrus made Miley wear while washing the car in middle school. Basically, Frenchy is an angel descended straight from heaven, and I'm sure Starbucks is squealing with delight over this free celebrity endorsement. Do you want to french Frenchy, or do you think she smells like stinky cheese? Let us know in the comments below and head to the gallery for all of the desktop background options you'll ever need.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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