French Model Tao Wickrath Shows Off Her Curves On A Shopping Trip

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aldo-vallon - November 14, 2017

 With that outfit I would expect Tao Wickrath to be wearing a hat made out of fruit while singing Cuban Pete and dancing the rumba. Maybe she thought the melons on her chest were all the fruit she could handle at one time. Getting a good look at them I would be inclined to agree with her. 

I hope Tao is skilled in the tying of knots, or at least knows a sailor to do it for her, because she has a lot riding on this knot holding her top together. That way she has her arms straight at her sides makes me think she wants it to happen. Like she is defying the gods to dare and undo the knot.

Any sensible woman would at the very least have her arms bent, ready to catch her top or cover her boobs if needed. I have been known to do it on occasion while wearing a sweatshirt and I have a whole lot less to see than what Tao has. I must admit, I am a little more than impressed by her gumption, as well as intimidated.  

Photo Credit: Splash News