French Fitness Queen Sonia Tlev Tight Bikini Thong Booty in Miami

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bill-swift - March 13, 2017

French online fitness sensation Sonia Tlev boasts about her three million subscribers on social media, which isn't so much a brag as the reality of her followers. It's unclear how many are women buying into her 30-minute a day body makeover videos and advice, and how many are men buying into about 5 minutes of checking out her hot body fitness shots, but fifty-fifty seems reasonable. Quite a lucrative benchmark for the Tlev in either case.

When you are known entirely for your fitness counseling, you can't really show up in public in a thong bikini with any imperfections in the female form. That's some pressure. Especially when you're constantly taking selfies to remind your audience how much they want you body. Tlev did not disappoint with some wicked tight hiney peeks in her thong in Miami. That's not a swimsuit you can wear likely until the AFTER photos of her videos for sale. Everything seems to be in order, though I will have to look under the hood before I hand out any certificates. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet