Freja Beha Erichsen Not Quite Nude Pictures for Danish Memories

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bill-swift - March 3, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling you've been neglecting Denmark? I mean, it starts with a little itch in the toes, and then the feeling like you left the stove on when you went to work, followed by the nagging sensation that you may be wearing the same boxers for the third day in a row. Yep, you've been neglecting Denmark.

I've lusted Danish supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen for probably as long as the next guy who gets thirty or more women's fashion magazines delivered to the door of his rent-controlled pied-à-terre each month. She's got a look that takes me back to a certain ferry ride from Helsingor whence I came upon a Danish girl of such extraordinary beauty, wherein romance was crushed only by my second rate use of the local language that led me to over-excitedly query the young lady if she wouldn't mind if I pooped on her shoes. I nearly tasted a salty mix of North and Baltic seas that day, my friends. Nevertheless, these Freja Beha Erichsen covered nude pictures from the Santa Lolla pimping campaign compel me to overcome my days of yore melancholy and share with you all the celebrity sextastic that a Danish woman has to offer. Enjoy.