Francesca Larrain’s Ultra Sexy Malibu Beach Photo Shoot

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bill-swift - December 1, 2017

Go big or go home. My dad used to tell me that. Over the phone, from far away. He always claimed he was in Sumanjia but when I was old enough and looked on an atlas I realized he was making it up. I was told maybe two towns over. Still, wise advice.

When pimping fancy bottled water nobody could possibly need, let alone sanely want, why not bring out the big guns of gals such as Italian model and self-described designer, Francesca Larrain, in a tiny bikini barely covering her bodaciously sized curves. That's all lady right there. Said the ocean, as that lucky body of water lapped up around her.

The sign of a routinely thong bikini dressed boobtastic woman are tan lines visible from other swimwear on previous occasions. That's kind of hot in an amateurish, funbag festive way. This may not lead you to make the poor decision of shelling out cash for a basically free product, but it will certainly get you working on your pickup lines should you ever run into Francesca when out and about. Don't worry, she has bumpers, nobody will be injured. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News 

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