Francesca Brambilla Super Revealing Knit Bikini

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aldo-vallon - November 28, 2018

I love it when women wear reflective glasses like the ones that Francesca Brambilla is wearing. I especially like for them to be worn when the woman is wearing a bikini like Francesca Brambilla’s. They give me a crystal clear view of my reflection.

I do not mean for that to sound vain, I just like being able to keep a close watch on myself in order to stay accountable. If I spend more than three-quarters of our conversation looking at her boobs then I am going to be in some trouble. Well, my face might be at risk of getting slapped, but the rest of me will be quite happy.

Brambilla has got to be used to all the looks by now. That is probably why she is wearing those particular lenses. It is a mercy to the rest of us. It’s either that, or she is using them to hide her own eyes from being caught checking out all the dongs being walked at the beach.

I should probably just do a better job of remembering my own glasses when I go to the beach, rather than depending on the wardrobe of strangers.



Photo Credit: MEGA