Francesca Aiello Pink Bikini In Miami

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aldo-vallon - July 24, 2017

The way Francesca Aiello’s nips are poking out of that tube top makes it look more like a blindfold for her chest eyeballs than a swimsuit top. With a little more friction she might wear a couple holes in it and make some eye slits. If she ever decides to start fighting crime she is already half way to finishing her costume. If she does become a crime fighter I might have to turn to a life of crime just for the chance of a run in with her. Seeing her twins in the flesh might be worth the steep penalties our society has for jaywalking.  

I must hand it to her, it is a busty move, I mean, gutsy move to venture out into the ocean with a strapless top. One rogue wave and that top will be sitting around her waist like a fanny pack. Let a couple of teen girls see her wearing it like that and fanny packs will be making a comeback, although that would not be the most annoying trend I have seen in recent years. If the jugs are popping there is not much criticism I can be troubled to give for the rest of it.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News