Fox Hunt: Your Weekly Geek-ly Womenfolk Injection, Now 46% More Asstacular!

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chris-littlechild - October 10, 2012

Yes indeed. The boost to the seat-meat quota herein is ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE-FACT, determined by some of our patented strenuous science; research, experimentation and erections and everything.

Quite possibly only the latter.

Hobo Joe, our friend and benefactor (well, we sometimes steal dimes from his charity box while he's off squatting for a shit in the bushes somewhere), reminds us daily that gaming in your skimpies is actually beneficial to your health. He repeats this mantra each morning as we mop his piss from the steps of Egotastic Towers, and we're inclined to concur.
No fat bastards, though, he clarifies. We agree again.

Furthermore, we'd venture that ogling the resultant visual wonderment is good for us too. It may -may- contribute to that five a day business that nutrition connoisseurs bitch about. At the very least, it's rather akin to a gentle erotic eyeball-massage from a band of kindly midgets, a la the Borrowers. Which doesn't wholly convey our sexy intent, we'll concede. Immediate gallery perusal shall surely serve you better.