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chris-littlechild - September 12, 2012

Stupefying revelations abound in our perpetual perusal of the sextacular female gamer form! Following extensive scrutiny of those womenfolk with an irresistible penchant for gaming/gleeful costume frolics in their undercrackers (we term it scientific investigation; the authorities, conversely, utilized the term illicit masturbation in an internet café. We shall agree to disagree. Giant gorilla testes to such frivolous semantics!), we have discerned that nerdiness has a remarkable beneficial effect on the size of the norks in question.

Quite a eureka moment, we'd venture. (Minus Archimedes leaping from his bath with the graceful poise of a young gazelle and dashing, man-sack swinging merrily in the wind, betwixt the streets of Syracuse as the legend imparts. If you seek such a spectacle, it's our solemn duty to inform you that Egotastic! remains bereft of droopy/saggy/shrivelly pensioners.) Gorge your visual glands (and, indeed, your glans) on the bodaciously buxom bounty above, and we're sure you'll attest to this notion.
Nerd is the word.