Fox Hunt- This Week’s Mamtastic Missive From the Trouser-Troubling-Geekery Frontlines

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chris-littlechild - October 17, 2012

A further installment of norks and nerds introduces a disconcerting new disease, afflicting women worldwide (droopy-tata-ed, incontinent grandmas are exempted, thankfully).

Symptoms include:

- Precariously balancing a shit-tastic old TV on an abandoned crate

- Busting out a decrepit, festering old PlayStation 2

- Permitting one's tentpoling significant other to disseminate your bare ass across them thar interwebs

We are, as anyone will surely attest, men of science. As such, we're researching this phenomenon meticulously. In the toilets. With no pants on. Join us in the gallery; where gamer girls meet geekery of a more traditional -albeit no less topless- nature.