Fox Hunt: The Greatest, Skimpiest and Cleave-iest Show on Earth

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chris-littlechild - November 7, 2012

Could there be a better salutation to freshly unleashed gaming behemoth and veritable shitter-of-money Halo 4 than Halo Girl herself? With her Halo-branded bedsheets, Halo wall adornments and Halo-emblazoned boobs (presumably photographed by a Halo-branded camera sported by an enterprising gentleman with a Halo tattoo on his ballsack), advertising shenanigans meet actual gaming credentials in this week's gallery.

One may be knocking several shades of shit out of the other before leaving it in a blood-bleeding mess/puddle of piss in an alley somewhere, but we shan't be pernickety.

Elsewhere in the above, our staunch belief that no female of the species wears pants while playing video games, ever, remains unchallenged. We'd venture that a law was passed to this effect while most people were off taking a dump or some such. Similarly, the all-pervasive penchant for constrictive cosplay (just how, prithee, did she squeeze those into... that?) continues.