Fox Hunt (In Motion): Jackie Goehner Brings the Skimpy Sextastic to WonderCon 2013 (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - May 10, 2013

There are certain things that you can wager your wang will always surface at any comic convention. Inscrutable bespectacled Asian guys, small children being buffeted and/or trampled on by the crowd, general geektacular camararderie... we can (oftentimes) take this all as read.

Sadly, on a scale of 1 to erection, none of that rates particularly highly. As such, it's time for another convention staple: cleavetacular cosplay. Last month, Jackie Goehner (visit her here) put the wonder in WonderCon by donning... this raunchy little number. It may resemble some kind of demonic bikini from the depths of Beelzebub's balls, but we're reliably informed that it hails instead from the comic/anime series Witchblade.

Additionally (and this is key, right here), she looks trouser-troublingly great in it. Take a look at this ogley interview from Game Fob, then check out more of the ladies of WonderCon 2013 after the jump.

And now, VZA VisualZenAdvocate brings us more of the hottest women from the show:

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