Fox Hunt: Another Fleshtastic Collision of Geek and (Rump) Cheek

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chris-littlechild - October 3, 2012

In this week's trouser-troubling gamer girl assemblage, we can indulge in various porntacular bons mots regarding blowing on cartridges (the latter is a little tenuous; sadly there were no joysticks present. When the time arrives for the sexiest of sexy sex puns --as it so frequently does-- you've got to be resourceful on occasion). Humorous for a good four seconds, it's all thanks to the sterling enterprising efforts of this installment's poster woman above.

The mass delusion that expelling righteous dust-busting air from your face into NES/Genesis/other droopy-titted octogenarian gaming systems carts helped them was recently refuted. Nintendo issued an earnest press release on the subject:

"It's about as effective as a fly kicking a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the mansack. To wit: it doesshit all. Cease your dumbass-iness, lest our elite squad of marines-esque assassins encroach on your home in the witching hour to shit on the doorstep and smite your genitals with a wooden spoon."

Unless, they presumably added, you're a geeky woman in skimpy undercarriage.

Which you'll find aplenty in the gallery.