Fox Has Pushed Back the Premier of ‘Almost Human’ Because They Think NFL Fans Are Going to Love It

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bill-swift - October 23, 2013

If you've been waiting on baited breath for the series premier of Almost Human, J.J. Abram's ambitious new sci-fi series about a grizzled cop and his plucky android partner, stop right now. First of all, I don't know what that expression means, and for all I know "baited breath" could be lethal. More importantly, the head honchos over at Fox have decided to split the two-hour premier and push it back from Monday, November 4 to Sunday, November 17 and Monday, November 18. So you're going to want to resume normal breathing operations for the time being.

So what, it's because of football right? The jocks are pushing around the sci-fi nerds again? The robot cops have to wait because America needs to watch Eli Manning throw some more interceptions?

Well, yes and no. The decision does involve football, but the show isn't getting bumped in favor of football. Quite the contrary. Fox hopes a big NFL double-header on Sunday the 17th will serve as a major lead-in and get some nacho-eatin' bros on board with the new big-budget show so it goes mainstream.

It's not a bad strategy. Of course, if they really want get NFL fans on board, they need to push that Star Trek guy (Karl Urban) to the side and focus all their publicity efforts on the fact that Minka Kelly is also in it. Because she is.