Four Hot Bikini Models, Four Thongs, Eight Glorious Funbags, All Pimping the 420

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bill-swift - November 19, 2017

People need water to survive. They also need gloriously hot beach models. So why not combine the two of life's necessities into one killer photoshoot? That's kind of rhetorical. Some very thoughtful people already did.

Kelly Collins, Kindly Meyers, Lizzeth Acosta, and Jaerah made their way onto the beach in thongs and little bikini tops, pouring that crazy bottled water on each other's perfectly shaped booties and nearly bare beach bodies. It's enough to make a gentleman ogler feel the need for some refreshments.

The essence of marketing is called an art, but it's really a science. As a for instance, gather up four ridiculously fine female forms, dress them in thong bikinis, and ask them to play and giggle and pat one another while splashing in the ocean spraying each other with water. When does this not work every time? 


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA