For the Love of Booze: Pretentious Beer Glass Full Set

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bill-swift - September 17, 2013

There are many different kinds of beer in existence. But booze is booze, and most people don't give two sh'ts about what they're using to chug their brew of choice down. If you're one of the rare few who actually do, then this might interest you: the Pretentious Beer Glass set. The name doesn't dole out any compliments to the dudes who might actually want to buy a set of these, though.

The Prententious set includes the Hoppy Beer Glass, the Aromatic Beer Glass, the Malty Beer Glass, the Subtle Beer Glass, and the a 'traditional'-looking Ale Glass. Each of the glasses can hold up to 12 ounces of beer, with about a two- to three-ounce head.

Check It Out: $171

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