For Dudes With Small Hands: Hoyle Slice Playing Cards

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bill-swift - May 8, 2013

So you're trying to shuffle and failing horribly because your hands are too freakin' small. If it weren't for the Hoyle Slice Playing Cards, I'd probably just tell you to leave the table or give up being a dealer for good because it's just going to mess up your game and crimp your style. Because honestly, nobody wants to hook up with a bad shuffler.

But as it turns out, the cards exist, so you're safe for the moment.

The Hoyle Slice are half the width of regular playing cards, so your sissy hands should have no problem gripping or shuffling them, whatever style you try. Cut 'em, deal 'em, shuffle, do a Riffle, and you'll find yourself working with cards like never before.

Want to shuffle? Then learn to deal.

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