Floyd Mayweather Hits Second Huge Football Bet This Week

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michael-garcia - September 8, 2012

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather loves to keep reminding everyone that he has a lot of money. We've been over it before. This week though, he's made sure we all know it by putting a couple of winning betting slips on Instagram. First it was his $200,000 second half bet on the Cowboys. That win netted him $181,818.20. Not a bad haul.

Then Floyd put up big again last night, putting up $100,000 on the University of Cincinnati at halftime. He won again, this time his bet brought in winnings of $90,909.10 It begs the question, does Floyd ever lose? 

The answer, as anyone who ever bets sports can attest, is yes of course he does. Floyd never tweets out his losing slips. That would make this whole 'look at me' thing a lot more interesting. When Mayweather won his $200K bet, he said it was a real, not a rumor.

The rumor was that he had bet three million bucks on Michigan to cover against Alabama last Saturday. That seems like a lot of money even for Floyd, so maybe it was just a rumor. Then again, Floyd did earn $85 million last year to be the highest earner of all American athletes, so maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I'd just like to see some of the slips from the games he doesn't win. Even it out a little bit and put it in perspective.

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