Florida Man Hit By Car During “In My Feelings” Challenge Fail

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Sam Robeson - July 31, 2018


If you happen to see a respectable youth with a bright future ahead of him or her jump out of a car and dance to Drake in traffic, then you might just be witnessing the cool "In My Feelings" challenge sweeping the Internet. This is the sort of population-regulating thing that inevitably happens when humans have too many successful treatments for AIDS. Unfortunately in the case of the breakout "In My Feelings" video, the respectable youth with a bright future ahead of him doesn't die. But you'll certainly want him to after seeing the clip.

Twenty-two-year-old Jaylen Norwood of - let's all say it together - Florida was willing to risk his valuable and definitely not completely 100% expendable life by dancing in the street as his friend drove towards him at fifteen miles-per-hour. Norwood was supposed to stop dancing to Drake just in time to jump on the hood of his friend's car. While, if successful, the act wouldn't have necessarily created monetary opportunities for Norwood, he possibly could have garnered some extra "likes" and gained social media followers. "Likes" are the preferred 2018 currency for idiots. They, um, don't buy anything real, but people seem to love them.

The act wasn't successful, at least not in the way Norwood originally intended, and he got hit by the car. Now he's actually a viral sensation, and stated during an interview:

I’m young, what do you want me to do? Most of my friends would call me lame before this but now I’m the hottest thing out in Palm Beach County.

The hottest thing in a town in Florida. Dreams do come true. He also stated that he would do it all over again. Gwyneth Paltrow has done crazier things on her back for fame, but at least she contributed to society by showing her tits in a bunch of movies. Norwood just makes me hate everyone. I blame the driver, who - if Norwood is as annoying in real life as he seems - was most likely attempting to kill his friend. Pedal to the metal next time, okay?

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