Flavor Flav: Weather Man

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michael-garcia - March 8, 2016

When I was in jr. high, I was a huge fan of Public Enemy. Not because their music in any way reflected my reality as an upper-middle class Latino kid going to private schools in suburban Texas. But for some reason I really dug their music. The group was always a bit of a mystery in its composition. You have Chuck D, a militant, political lyricist that is super serious. You have the silent DJ Terminator X and the Fruit of Islam members of the S1Ws. That all follows a theme of Nation of Islam inspired activism. But then you have Flavor Flav. He's the ultimate hype man. He's also an idiot with a love of crack. Remember when he had his own reality show where women competed to date him? That was bizarre. It was almost like science fiction it was so weird.

So, for some reason, a local new affiliate in Salt Lake City, UT allowed Flav to do the weather. I'm pretty sure he has no credentials as a meteorologist. He mainly just talks gibberish. People in Salt Lake City did not find out about the next day's weather with any accuracy. 

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