FlaskTie: Have Some Happy Juice Any Time of Day

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bill-swift - December 20, 2012

Need a pick-me-up every once in a while at work? I'm not talking about coffee here. I'm talking about the kind of drink that'll perk you right up and get you buzzed so you can get your job done--but whether you do it right or wrong depends on your poison of choice and how many sips you take.

Kidding aside, if you've always wanted to get a drink or two without having to leave your seat, then you'll be pleased to know that you can do just that with the FlaskTie. No glasses and actual flasks needed because this tie with the discreet flask pouch takes care of all your hydration needs.

Hidden within one of the tie's slips is an 8-oz. pouch that you can fill with your beverage of choice, be it water, juice, or your booze of choice. When you want to take a sip, just take out the mouthpiece and drink up until you have your fill. You don't have to worry about leaks because it automatically self-seals when you let it go.

Drink Up: $24.95

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