Flash Movie Still Happening, Won’t Start Shooting Until Next Year

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brian-mcgee - October 16, 2018

From his goofy disposition to his relationship with Batman, Justice League's Flash had more in common with Wally West than Barry Allen, but nevertheless, this is the Barry Allen version of The Flash that's going forward in the DC film universe. Ezra Miller's portrayal of him was one of the high points of the film, despite being something of a mockery of the character itself, and he'll be back for an officially confirmed solo outing set to film next year. Variety also reports that the film has an eye toward a 2021 release.

Though it's no longer being referred to as such, the film was said to be titled Flashpoint and would be at least loosely based on the DC crossover event of the same name that preceded DC's disastrous New 52 experiment. In that storyline, Barry is the only person aware of major discrepancies in comics continuity, such as Thomas Wayne being Batman following the murder of his wife and young son Bruce, or Cyborg being the Superman-esque answer to all of the world's problems.

It was one of the better crossovers to come out of the post-Infinite Crisis/pre-New 52 era, and would make an interesting enough film if they follow the same basic story structure. The major problem is that no one really cares about the established DC film universe outside of a group of zealous devotees. The average movie-going public isn't really going to care about alternate history versions of the current DC heroes.

It would be like an Avengers movie with Scott's buddies from the Ant-Man movies. People would be like, "Yeah, I know those guys, but I don't want to watch a whole movie with them." Anyways, hopefully this is better than Justice League, though that bar is so low it may as well be buried.