Fit Hottie Elle Fanning Shows Bare Mid-Riff In Spandex

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michael-garcia - July 13, 2016

Elle Fanning proved once again that she has one of the fittest, tightest bodies in Hollywood in some tight Spandex. It's not easy to stay that slender and cellulite free and she seems to workout like a champ. I imagine her going through her routine every day like the workout montage in all Rocky films except, you know, she's a hot young girl instead of a slightly mentally challenged Italian dude. She had on a sports bra that gave us a bit of a peek at her perkies' cleavage. She also had on some pants that were so tight they gave her a hint of a camel toe. Elle has some serious thigh gap. You would have to build a bridge between those thighs to get to the other side. But it is in her bare mid-riff that the angels sing their song of hotness. 

Her stomach is so tight and perfect that it is difficult to think of what other girl in young Hollywood can match it. Kendall Jenner maybe, but it is close. Elle might just be the best around. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews