First Look at Iron Man 3’s Iron Assemblers Battle Vehicle or Is This Just a Toy?

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bill-swift - December 21, 2012

Curious about Tony Stark's new ride? Unfortunately, we don't have any new trailers or images to show you where you might catch a glimpse of it. What we do have are images of all-new Iron Man 3 merch that includes a couple of action figures and an awesome-looking shirt.

But what we're interested in at this point are the action figures. Specifically, the one of the Iron Assemblers Battle Vehicle that looks nothing short of amazing. Even if it's just a toy at this point. It looks like a fancy, souped-up version of Bruce Wayne Batmobile painted with accents in Iron Man's signature colors of red and gold. There's also a picture on the toy's box that shows just one of the many features that the vehicle will no doubt have: the capability of opening up and launching Iron Man out on a pair of skates. (Sounds ridiculous, but we're not kidding.)

Now on to the big question: Can you expect to see it in the movie? The answer is yes. Apparently, that fact is indicated on the packaging of the toy car itself. The actual car to be used in the movie would've been better, but for now, this toy will suffice.

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