First Borderlands 2 DLC Pack Already Announced!

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bill-swift - October 12, 2012

Whether you're ready or not, more content is coming to Pandora next week.

Borderlands 2 has just come out and already it seems as though the first of four promised campaign-extending DLC packs has been unveiled. What was I just saying yesterday about everything moving so damn fast?

The DLC, titled 'Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty' will force players to join forces with the mischievous pirate queen on an adventure, most likely to obtain her booty. The adventure will take players to new desert areas such as 'Oasis' where they'll interact with new characters and undoubtedly blow the heads off of new enemies. A new vehicle will also become available, designed to hover effortlessly above the unforgiving desert sands as well as new pirate themed heads for each character (below).

While little else is known about this surprising DLC, players can expect an entirely new adventure with new...everything! While it hasn't been officially announced, there's also a chance that this DLC could increase the level cap as suggested by the achievement/trophy for reaching level fifty titled 'Capped out...for now'.

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty will be available October 16 for $9.99. Players whom have confidence in the other three confirmed DLC packs can pick up the season pass for $29.99 and save themselves $10 in the long run.

I know that there's a lot of players whom have yet to finish Borderlands 2 or even play that much of it. Do you think this DLC has come too soon or are you hungry for more, eagerly awaiting your next adventure?

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