First Aladdin Images With Will Smith As Genie Are Here And Holy God

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Sam Robeson - December 19, 2018


Some people say that it's impossible to do a great impression of Donald Trump (at least that will be your conclusion if you watch Saturday Night Live) because he's already so much of an outlandish character in and of himself. How do you make absurd something already so absurd? This is the question I'm asking myself after seeing the first pics from the complete abortion of a movie - Disney's live-action Aladdin. Maybe you guys can come up with something funny. This truly truly looks like shit. And things that look like shit aren't generally worth our time. Besides Tara Reid obviously.

Will Smith has somehow out-gayed himself as Genie, and the fuzzy dildo suctioned to his scalp isn't helping. He looks like the Sinbad Shazaam! role that never actually existed. Well it exists now. And it's gay as holy hell. And is Aladdin the ugliest actor in the world? That's a dead serious question. White man Guy Ritchie is directing this, so hopefully someone woke af will call this out as cultural appropriation or whitewashing or some bullshit so we'll never have to see it again. Like. Fuck.


Photo Credit: the depths of hell

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