Finally, We Kind of Have One Reason to Possibly Not See ‘Pacific Rim’

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bill-swift - July 11, 2013

Look, we're making no qualms about this, we're effing stoked to see Pacific Rim. We've seen all the trailers, read all of the articles and whatnot. At it's base level it appeared to be a live-action, somewhat plausible Voltron-type thing: giant robots fighting giant sea-beasts. They could be speaking in a language we don't understand and it would still be worth it. BUT then we saw this noise from director Guillermo del Toro:

I was very careful how I built the movie. One of the other things I decided was that I wanted a female lead (Rinko Kikuchi) who has the equal force as the male leads. She's not going to be a sex kitten, she's not going to come out in cutoff shorts and a tank top, and it's going to be a real earnestly drawn character…One of the decisions we made as we went along in the process of the movie was, let's not have a love story. Let's have a story about two people.

No love story: check. We're still with you Guillermo (can we call you Guillermo? or do you prefer Mo?). Strong female lead: check. No sex kittens!? Wha? Seriously? We at Egotastic now realize it's far too late for you to reconsider this decision. Critics have seen it. The rest of the world will see it this week.

Look, Pacific Rim 2 better have some sex kittens. Ok?