Finally, A Dating Site For Paranoid Crackpots

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michael-garcia - May 11, 2016

It's hard to meet people in today's modern age. With all of the dating apps and sites it seems both easier and more difficult to find that special someone. This is made even worse if you are the type of person that believes that the Illuminati are seeking to control the planet through vaccines and chem trails in order to establish a New World Order for our reptilian overlords. Do you lead with that on the first date or wait until the wedding night. For most (sane) people this would be a deal breaker. That's why other paranoid weirdoes established Awake Dating. It's a dating site only for people who are "awake", in other words, people who are aware that we are being lied to by our government in order to take over the planet or something. They have a sense of humor about it at least. The people in their ad are wearing tin foil hats. I guess that's pretty funny.

The biggest problem I see with this site is that it encourages insane people to meet each other and procreate. That's something that should be discouraged. Unless it's a secret government plot designed to flush these people out of their parent's basements and into looney bins. I'd agree to that. 

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