The Final ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Will Actually Make You Want to See the Movie

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bill-swift - February 13, 2016

The first trailer for Batman v Superman was pretty good. But the second one? That blew chunks. It gave away way too much of the plot, revealing that the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel eventually patch up their differences (duh) and team up with Wonder Woman to take on Doomsday, the iconic Superman bad guy responsible for the "Death of Superman" in 1992. 

Director Zack Snyder insisted that the trailer didn't spoil anything, and that there were still plenty of surprises in store. But fans weren't buying it. In fact, one of them even re-edited the thing to remove all the spoilers

Luckily, the third and final trailer for BvS, leaked online this week, does not suck. In fact, it's awesome. It starts by showing us what a badass Batfleck is, then turns into a minute and half montage of nonstop action before concluding with a shot of the exact moment Superman realizes he miiight be f***ed. 

If your excitement to see Batman v Superman waned after the second trailer, this should jack it back up.  

Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25.

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