VIDEO: Final Miss BumBum Breaks Out In Fight Over Fake Ass Allegations

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Sam Robeson - November 7, 2018


Brazil's rich heritage has afforded the world so so so much. Cocaine. Prostitution. Botched surgeries. Big asses. All of these cultural touchstones came into play to varying degrees in the most recent, and apparently last ever, Miss BumBum competition. That's right. The clickbait favorite national ass contest, which crowned its first winner in 2011, is coming to a close after introducing us to numerous future OnlyFans account owners.

But the competition did not go out without a bang thanks to an oddly halfassed brawl between this year's winner, Ellen Santana, and some thirsty jealous ho accusing Santana of only winning because she has a fake ass. The thirsty jealous ho, Aline Uva, at first seemingly playfully snatches away Santan's sash, before the severity of her accusation registers, and the two lazily go at it over fake ass allegations to the delight of those looking to reaffirm their stereotypes about Brazil. Well. That's fucking it.

Head HERE for the video of the ass fight

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Photo Credit: TMZ