Final Fantasy Movie To Feature Game Of Thrones Stars

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michael-garcia - April 1, 2016

The Final Fantasy series has produced some of the best video games ever. I still think about how amazing Final Fantasy VII was. Remember that? No? Then you are really young. That or I am really old. At any rate, people have talked for years that they would make good movies. Not so much. I am of the opinion that video games rarely, (if ever), make good movies. Kingsglaive Final Fantasy may be the one exception, MAYBE. It's a CGI animated movie but with the voice talents of Game of Thrones stars Sean Bean and Lena Headey. They play a married couple, which is funny. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad also lends his voice talents. But just because they have a good cast doesn't mean it will be good. Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins were in The Super Mario Bros. movie and that was an abomination.

I'll watch it when it comes out on cable or something. I'm not about to pay to watch a movie based on a video game starring Cersei and Ned Stark, as much as I like them. But I like my hard earned money more. 

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