Fight Clip From “Batman V. Superman” Actually Looks Pretty Cool

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michael-garcia - March 4, 2016

I'm still skeptical as hell about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I see certain clips and trailers and I think, "Hey, this could actually be good." Then I see other stuff that looks hella stupid. I have a feeling it is going to be a mixed all of Zack Snyder's movies. Still, if there is one thing I'm looking forward to it's watching Batman and Superman go at it. I've kind of been waiting my whole life to see that happen...which is why the possibility that I will be let down is all the more real. In this short clip from the movie, we see the Caped Crusader getting his ass handed to him by Superman. It's not really much of a fair fight, seeing as Superman is basically an indestructible god and Batman is just a mortal man. Still, it is how the filmmakers are able to show such an uneven fight and make it look interesting that is the challenge. This one 40 second clip looks pretty good, but that's 40 seconds in a two and a half hour movie.

So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, watch Ben Affleck try to outhandsome Henry Cavill...err...out fight I mean. 

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