Fernanda Uesler Bikini Booty Primed, Cleaved, and Ready for the World Cup

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bill-swift - June 13, 2014

Soccer booty favor is gripping the entire world at the moment. We've got plenty of hot soccer booty right here in the U.S. with the likes of Brazilian born model Fernanda Uesler showing support for her home and host country boys by flashing her absolutely divine asstastic on the beach in Miami in a little clingy blue bikini bottom.

Now, I'm not here to start judging who is or isn't a bigger fan for their team in the World Cup, but, basically, Fernanda has you all beat at the moment. Until you get a ridiculously hot body and sultry looks that look like you were just swept onto the photoscape of a desert island, you can only be that guy screaming and blowing his vuvuzela that I'm trying to ignore. Fernanda, let's watch some Cup! Enjoy.

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