Fergie Battles Kim Kardashian in Ultimate New Year’s Even Night Vegas Celebrity Pimpstress

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bill-swift - January 3, 2012

You know that some girls like to party on New Year's Eve, and some girls like to get paid to party. Enter Fergie and Kim Kardashian.

Fergie has been looking a little better of late since taking a break from her whirlwind, eight million country tour over the past couple of years and she stepped up to the payday plate at the new 1Oak nightclub on the Vegas Strip. I'd party with her.

Kim Kardahian of course is turning over a new leaf in 2012 by going anywhere, at any time, to pimp the shizz out of stuff she doesn't believe in for the right price. Okay, so that's exactly like she was in 2011. But a money-hungry leopard doesn't change its dollar signs easily, so she was working her body for Tao Nightclub on NYE.

Still, we got a lot  of pimping, a lot of preening, and some good tight dresses and cleave, so, we all struck it rich in Vegas this New Year's in our own way. Enjoy.

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