Female Tennis Player Warned For Taking Off Shirt During US Open (UPDATE)

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Sam Robeson - August 30, 2018


After changing her shirt during a break afforded to tennis players at the US Open due to extreme heat, Frenchie Alizé Cornet noticed that her fresh shirt was on backward. Before starting the match, she took it off - with a sports bra underneath - and turn it the right way. She was then reprimanded by a referee, because it is forbidden for women to take off their shirts while on the court. Meanwhile, men are permitted to take off their shirts. Gay.

The reason this really pisses me off is because Twatters are equating the penalty to the banning of Serena Williams' performance-enhancing Black Panther onesie from the French Open. Men controlling women's bodies. But Williams is simply so thirsty for attention that she's willing to look like a punchline in her bodysuit, and the guy behind the French Open, Bernard Giudicelli, didn't want the court to look like Norbit's take on Black Panther.

Our eagerness to draw parallels between disparate things in order to bolster a skewed world-view is annoying. Now poor Cornet - who should not have been scolded for something as trivial as removing her shirt, especially since she's at least bangable, and with the Williams sisters and Billie Jean Man, the sport needs all the help it can get - is synonymous with Mr. T in a black onesie. Here's an idea to save tennis - require women to take off their shirts. Without bras. Someone get me the number for tennis.



The US Open has since apologized, clarified that Cornet was only given a warning - not a penalty, and Frenchie Cornet has released an even, unthirsty statement that will make you want to throw in the towel on #MeThree!-y American chicks once and for all:

When I woke up this morning, I didn't think that this code violation would become so famous in less than 24 hours, and I'm very surprised about it, actually, to be honest. Because on the court, it really seemed like a mistake from the umpire and nothing else. That's how I take it.

Marry me.

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