Federica Nargi Bikini Pictures Drop the Sextastic Gauntlet on WAGs Near and Far

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

You may know Federica Nargias the Italian TV hostess with the ridiculously hot body, or you may know Federica Nargi as the long time girlfriend of lucky bastard Juventus soccer striker, Alessandro Marti, who gets to knock that ridiculous body silly, but now you may simply know Federica as the girl in the pink bikini you're about to drool over for the next ten minutes to infinity, taking in every inch of her olive hued and sweetly curvaceous form.

In short, she's just damn hot.

The Italian sweetheart was giving enough to find her extremely form fitting strapless bikini for her beach vacation, providing us about as much skin as can be shown on this particular beach without getting arrested for public indecency (and downright awesomeness).

It's a good start. And a good introduction to one ridiculously hot WAG. Enjoy.