Farrah Abraham’s Ass Is Falling Off Beach Pics

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Sam Robeson - May 7, 2018

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#TFW you've had so much hot glue shot into your ass that it begins to buckle under its own weight and slide down your thighs. I'm kind of pissed that I did a Would You Hit It earlier with coquettish snowman Kylie Jenner, because this really should have been a Would You Rather kind of day between Jenner and Farrah Abraham. Jenner's ass is bigger, but Abraham's is falling off, and it would have been interesting to see who you would want to get crabs from.

Teen Mom alum Abraham was randomly somehow spotted by the paps during a photo shoot* in Figi and in addition to flaunting an ass that has pretty much called it a day, we get a ton of vag and as well as looks at her kettlebell tits in a Baby Gap Slut Collection bathing suit that her daughter graduated from when she hit two. None of my pap sites have the class and sophistication to upload these pics, but you can catch some here and here. And see Abraham's big fat cont-inuous contribution to fashion here.

*The one pic that Abraham uploaded to Instagram is tagged with @winafijivilla - an amazing opportunity to have your identity stolen, @tmz, and some online clothing store for lot lizards. What an inspiration.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Pacific Coast News 

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